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Black History Month Employee Spotlight: Shanetta Haynes

Post Date:02/04/2020 11:43 AM


Our first employee spotlight for Black History Month is Shanetta Haynes, a senior project specialist with the Department of Aviation's Infrastructure and Development division. Check out our Q&A with her below!

Haynes, ShanettaWhat do you do at Dallas Love Field?

I manage multiple projects on our Landside team (responsible for the non-airfield projects).  I’m currently managing the Lemmon Avenue Streetscape Enhancements project, Dallas Executive Airport Streetscape Enhancements project and departmental Space Planning project. I’m also assisting on the Dallas Love Field Alternate Entry project.


How long have you worked with the Department of Aviation?

 I’ve been with the Department of Aviation for 7 ½ years.


What motivates you to get up and get to work each morning?

My motivation comes from my desire and determination to excel in my current position as well as advance towards the next level of career, one day at a time.


How important is diversity in the workplace?

Diversity is imperative in the workplace to make sure our organization is a representation of the outside world, not just the Aviation industry.  Being able to understand various backgrounds and connect with others who have experiences different than your own is paramount in this day and age.


What’s the most interesting/exciting thing that’s happened on the job?

My most exciting opportunity was when I had the chance to ride in FiFi, the largest bomber jet used in World War II! Also meeting a couple of the Tuskegee Airmen at an air show.


What three words describe you?

Loyal, Spontaneous, Ambitious.


What experiences have helped you most in your career?

Taking the advice and observing those professionals who have been in their career longer than me.  Sometimes I learn skills and techniques that will benefit me, sometimes I witness things that I choose not to repeat.  But there are always takeaways from every experience.


What does Black History Month mean to you?

Black History Month is not only a celebration and remembrance of those significant people and events from the past, but also a hope for many more which will come in the future and be just as if not more significant than our present day.


Are there any influential African-American role models in your life?

Absolutely; my Grandparents who were able to survive the Jim Crow era and Civil Rights movement to create our strong family units and provide the foundation that made me the successful and driven woman I am today.

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