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Black History Month Employee Spotlight: Sharon Randle

Post Date:02/05/2020 3:46 PM


Our next Black History Month employee spotlight is Sharon Randle, a supervisor in the concession management group. Check out our Q&A with Sharon below to learn about her work with the Department of Aviation and why she thinks diversity is important in the workplace.

What do you do at Dallas Love Field?

I am a Supervisor for the Concession Management Group (CMG). I assist the Concession Manager in overseeing (61) Units which included Food & Beverages, Retail, Specialty, Rental Cars, Shoe shine, ATM, Advertising, Baggage Carts and Sallyport.


How long have you worked with the Department of Aviation?

I have worked in the Aviation Department for 16yrs and 19yrs for the City this April.


What motivates you to get up and get to work each morning?

This fact that I have a job to come to is motivation enough. However, I really love my job. I work at one of the best airports in the country. I get to see thousands of passengers daily. They ask about our restaurants, “What’s good to eat at Cantina? Where can I get a good burger? Where’s McDonald’s?”  I also have the opportunity of working with over 200 Food & Beverage Retail Concessionaires staff. I love the relationship that I have with all of our Concessionaires, it’s made my job a lot easier.


How important is diversity in the workplace?

Diversity is important because each person is unique. Recognizing their differences will lead to building a good reputation for the department or company, which increases opportunities and productive workers.


What’s the most interesting/exciting thing that’s happened on the job?

Seeing the new terminal being built was one of the most interesting and exciting things that happen on the job. Seeing the old airport transform into the new airport was amazing, and I’m glad I was a part of it.


What three words describe you?

Dependable, Confident, Honest


What experiences have helped you most in your career?

What helped me the most in my career was going back to school and finishing my bachelor’s degree. When I was working at Bank One, I had been there for about 4 years, but didn’t have my bachelor’s degree. One day a new position opened in our department and I applied for it but didn’t get the job. I was told I was qualified but didn’t receive the promotion because I didn’t have a degree. Of course I was very disappointed, but it motivated me to enroll back in school. I applied for Dallas Baptist University the next semester, completed the Fast Track Program in 2 years, and received both my bachelor’s degree and a promotion. This experience helped open the door to a lot of career opportunities in the future.


What does Black History Month mean to you?

Black History Month allows us to take the time out and see what the people before us fought for. It’s a time of rejoicing, celebrating, and thanking those African-Americans for giving us hope or a life lesson that could be used in the future. It’s also a month that gives us an opportunity to learn about our history because it’s a history we aren’t taught growing up. It isn’t just a month for me I celebrate Black History every day.



Are there any influential African American role models in your life?

Wow! That’s My Mom (Vera). Who and what I am today is because of her and her village. Growing up I saw my mom work religiously hard to keep us afloat and it was something that truly inspired me growing up as mother to do whatever it took to provide for my daughter.

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