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Upcoming DAL emergency response exercise

Post Date:10/25/2019 11:25 AM

Dallas Love Field will conduct a full-scale simulated aircraft disaster training exercise on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019. More than 600 staff and volunteers are expected to participate in the federally mandated triennial exercise.

The airport is conducting the exercise, which will be done in partnership with Love Field tenants, emergency response agencies and commercial air carriers. It will evaluate operational and response procedures employed by various agencies that would respond to an on-airport accident occur at Love Field.Wireless emergency alert test(2)

The simulation exercise will include a disaster scenario, Dallas-area emergency response vehicles and personnel and volunteer “mock victims” in make-up (moulage) appropriate to their assigned “condition.”

By conducting the exercise on the airfield, all involved parties have the opportunity to practice and refine their emergency procedures. While these response agencies train continually in their own specialized fields in various scenarios, a full-scale, real-time simulation provides necessary hands-on experience to maximize the effectiveness of emergency response, multi-agency coordination and interoperability.

Should an aircraft disaster ever occur at Love Field, this training will enhance first responders' ability to integrate quickly in a unified effort to save lives, fight fires, contain hazards, preserve evidence, assist victims, inform the public, begin an investigation and the evaluation process. 

In conjunction with the emergency response exercise, a test of the Wireless Emergency Alert System will be conducted. At approximately 12 p.m. on Nov. 2, 2019, the City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management will activate a TEST of the Wireless Emergency Alert System. This message will be sent to cell phones in a targeted area surrounding Dallas Love Field and a stretch of State Highway Loop 12 (Northwest Highway in Dallas) that runs adjacent to the north end of the airport. A message box will appear on phones with a loud tone and vibrations. This is not a text message. Phone numbers are not collected and will not be shared. Phones may receive the message multiple times.

The test message will read:

“Training exercise at Love Field Today. Test only. No need for alarm.”

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