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Good Neighbor Program


Since 2012, Dallas Love Field has engaged community members through the Good Neighbor Program. The feedback received through the GNP is used to drive development initiative on airport-owned property, specifically that outside the airfield fence line. Additional efforts include:

  • Urban design – landscaping and beautification
  • Signage and way-finding initiatives
  • Pedestrian improvements on airport property and adjacent communities
  • Job creation and enhancement of business environments
  • Encouragement of recreational activities
  • Traffic improvements
  • Drainage improvements

Influential to the creation of the GNP initiative is the Downtown Dallas 360 Plan (Dallas 360), a plan to invigorate the districts of downtown Dallas and unite each unique area to promote a better urban experience. The GNP initiative hopes to incorporate the Dallas 360’s three overarching goals, which are to create an exciting urban experience, a balanced transportation system and an inclusive environment.

Focus areas for Dallas Love and the GNP are those near Lemmon Avenue, Bachman Lake, Cedar Springs Road, Denton Drive and Mockingbird Lane.

Love Field is able to only make improvements on property that it owns and/or manages. The majority of projects, including all that use FAA grant money or passenger facility charge funds require FAA approval and are generally limited to airport improvement.

Good Neighbor Partnerships


Questions or would like more information? Please contact or call Good Neighbor Program hotline at (214) 390-7199.

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