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Rotating Exhibitions

Art Travelers Exhibition Vision

The primary focus of the Art’s Travelers Exhibition Program is to present collections that promote diversity in visual art and provide access to culture to the traveling public. Educational institutions, arts organizations, museums, and cultural institutions will be afforded opportunities to exhibit their collections, artifacts and original artwork at Dallas Love Field.


Current Exhibitions


Jas. Mardis: Selected Works @ Love Field Airport

February 1 – March 1, 2020


Jas. Mardis is an Oak Cliff/Dallas-raised artist and writer. He is a 2014 Inductee to the Texas Literary Hall of Fame for his poetry, fiction, editing and radio commentary. His fabric art has been featured throughout the United States.  Mardis uses imagery as social and racial commentary in his works.  The use of leather as the primary medium is designed to give permanence to the faces and conditions being displayed in these works.  Storytelling and quilting were the norms from both grandmothers, grandfather and the myriad characters around the families, all of which have come forward in the artistic expression, methods, and  his subject matter.

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Past Exhibitions